Payment Methods disappeared from database


Overnight all of our AR Payment Methods disappeared. The AP ones are still in place. A SQL query still shows them as they are in the Test DB. When I run that same query against the Prod DB they are not there. Payment Maintenance in Epicor shows the empty slots where they would have been as empty fields.

I can recreate the fields (which is what support is recommending). What they can’t tell me is how something like this can happen. Nothing out of the ordinary happened between yesterday and today; no patches or updates. It is also weird how it is limited to AR payment methods. Anyone experience a data loss like this before?

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Check to see if they are actually gone in Payment Method Maintenance as well as SQL. If they are actually still there, you may need to recycle your app pool. I have seen description fields disappear in older versions of Epicor when there is high memory usage.


I checked SQL and they are gone there as well. I doubt a user can delete anything through the menu as transactions have referenced the PMUID’s. I am afraid that if I follow support’s advice to replace the missing ones, I will be generating different PMUID’s, which will cause errors when trying to pull up historical transactions that now reference PMUID’s that don’t exist…

Well, since this is a TEST database, you could overwrite with LIVE. Or, as a proof of concept, yu could try this to copy just the table from LIVE to TEST:

No… the problem is in Prod; Test still has the data…

Then I agree with @Chris_Conn
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I noticed that there is some stuff in the Prod DB Payment Method Table that Test doesn’t have. So I couldn’t go from Test to Prod.

Am I right to think that not having the PMUID’s (and possibly sysrevid’s or sysrowid’s) that went with prior transactions will lead to errors when we attempt to pull up the transaction details?

-I am being pushed to re-create new ones like them so work can go on, and Epicor is advising me to do so. But something tells me this is not a good idea…

The PMUID is important, but not the other fields. If you have a backup, it may be worth while to restore it into another DB and copy the table. Not sure what support will say though.

I went with my gut and used a day old copy off the Prod DB to restore the Payment Methods table. Support couldn’t advise either way. In hindsight this is probably because I opened the ticket as a financial ticket and not a technical ticket. So far nothing but praise for bringing back the missing payment methods, but still no clue as to what deleted them in the first place…