PCID Build/Split/Merge add parts from multiple Warehouses

We are tying to use PCIDs for “Kits” in stockroom.
We have large bags of parts that are Kits and fill them with the parts for the Kit.
I have created a Dynamic PCID which represents the Bag, and added all parts from Stock to the PCID.
The issue we have is some parts are large and stored in a different Warehouse ID than the main PCID, but we want the PCID Contents to show the location of the main PCID and the components in the other Warehouse.
When I change Warehouse for the PCID to try and those other large parts to the PCID, it says PCID is not available in this warehouse.
Seems PCID’s can only hold contents within the Same Warehouse?
Kind of makes sense in a physical world of one Warehouse, but kind of not.
Anyone have this issue of PCID Contents in different Warehouses?

Curious George