Dynamic PCID Questions

We are just trying to figure out PCID use here as well.

We pick SO Kits, which are several hundred parts in a Kit and the stockroom usually manually pre-picks the Kit into a physical container. They don’t want to have to pick each kit component via the EKW Handheld. I figured we could use a Dynamic PCID that had all those parts in it, then they could just “Pick” the PCID and all would be much faster and easier, and I see that function in the HandHeld.

The issue I have is that some parts in this virtual KIT or PCID, are stored in other warehouses because they are LARGE parts. When Build/Split/Merge process, you can only include items in the PCID that are in the SAME Warehouse. That is a big drawaback for us. Though makes some sense that you cannot have a container in multiple Warehouses physically, the PCID Contents Report shows the Warehouse of each item, so they would know it is in another Warehouse anyway. I tried adding the Parts from other Warehouses to thier own DYN-PCID and add them to the Master PCID, but it does not allow other PCID’s from different Warehouses either.

Any tips on adding Parts or PCID’s from other Warehouses to a Master PCID would be appreciated. We could then print the PCID Contents report and put it on the physical container so Pickers know the other parts are in another Warehouse to pick.

I see KIN-I-3874 “Allow part from different WH than PCID to be added to the PCID (in EKW)”
in Kinetic Ideas for same issue. Only 2 Votes, so please go vote for this if it affects you as well or need this functionality. It should allow parts from any Warehouse and Contents Report would show location of additional parts or Child PCID’s in other Warehouses. Seems logical to me.
Please vote.