PCID documentation

Does anyone know if there is PCID documentation. I am trying to research how to use PCID and what i am finding is basically a dictionary of menu items.

Like reading a dictionary will NOT teach you english - i am in the same place. I see alot of PCID definitions - but have been unable to find documentation that may have a couple of simple scenarios so i can at least try to grasp the 10k foot view.

Any help appreciated.

In the 10.2.600 and 10.2.700 Education Courses there is a Package Control Identification Course. It does not appear in 10.2.500 (or probably anything earlier either).


And there are a few short online training videos that might be helpful.


Mr. Mark: I have watched a couple of the online videos - i have not seen the one that starts at the top of the tree.

But i do like the concept and hope Epicor keeps the videos comming.


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Mr. Ernie: Thank you for the suggestion – I will try that out.

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For 10.2.500 PCID setup and usage guides are included in the Advanced Material Management guide. Going through this implementation now @DaveOlender, happy to compare notes.


We went live utilizing PCID for picking/shipments. In a lot of ways it has made our shipping process easier. In others it sometimes seems too restrictive.

We will be upgrading to 10.2.700 this month, so I’m looking forward to seeing if they have added any new functionality.

We’re looking at it as a way to implement labeling for shipments (Units inside cases inside boxes on pallets) and taking that hierarchy into EDI. Still on .500 but looking for new functionality as well.

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Mr. Bryan: I am having trouble finding the “Advanced Material Management Guide” - I looked in EpicWeb under user guide’s and Technical References. I Tried looking in the erphelp102700zendesk.

If you remember where you found that I would appreciate the link.


I think you will find it in the embedded education. If you are a member of EUG then there is a good webinar hosted by Mark Kaminski there.

Something to point out. PCID does not function for Transfer orders Prior to 10.2.600 (I think…or is that 10.2.700).


Mr. Simon: I have seen the Mark Kaminski video. You are right that is a great video.

I will keep looking in Embedded Education - I have not found it there yet.


Did you purchase the Advanced Material Management module?

Mr. Doug: Yes we have the AMM.


In our embedded education, it’s in the Production Management folder:


PCID is in the AMM course if I remember.

I have AMM:

However, when i log into the Education - I feel like i am in the wrong place - I do not see it:

What version are you working on?

10.2.700.6 - Multi-Tenant


There are two places for eduction, in the Epicor Learning Center (online) which I think your image shows. and then the Embedded Education which is a separate licence and is installed as an Extension on the App server.

If it is installed then you should see it when you click on the Help and Support Center Button at the bottom of the help tile when you click the ? icon. The icon for embedded education is one of those square adademic hats (Motarboard??). it should open a new window with the Education courses, which you can peruse and jump out to the ELC as well.

Hope that helps.

Ms. Simon: Thank you - That explains why i can’t find it.

I will drill deeper.