Pennies left is WIP


I am at a loss. I tried opening the job and putting the total cost back to WIP to try and pick up the left over cents in WIP. It did not BUT what looks strange is that the correct amount went to the variance account (different battle in itself) but debited the amount minus the $.51 from WIP. See below.


Did you make use of the Costs tab in Job Receipt to [whatever]?

I have had to use Override Costs before, to clear everything out.

Nice to know that tool! But the reason it is going to variance is that we did not receive a qty into stock. Just closing the job and letting it go there and moving it in the GL. It is actually a scrap job that did not transact through DMR correctly (different topic).

So, all the cost should flow to Variance.

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Oh. Well, that’s fun. Well, I’d just be guessing at this point. We sometimes have labor posted to a job that is complete and shipped. I think that still goes to variance (not stay in WIP), but it might not happen until next month-end (the next time we capture COS/WIP).

I’ll bow out since that’s the limits of my knowledge…

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Thank you for you input sir! I did learn something new!

Is the Wip Cleared flag ticked on the Job Closing?
If so, Try unticking it and then running Cos/Wip again.

Good idea. Let me see.