Perform a Manual Cycle Count by Bin Range

Looking for some assistance in performing a cycle count within a range of bins in P21. I’ve been to the training videos and have a clear understanding of the the system generated cycle counts, which have been set up by “ABC Class”.

What I am trying to do, as the new operations manager who is new to the company and to P21, is assess our inventory location accuracy more than the counts. The inventory at the location I am at has been poorly managed and is very inaccurate, both in quantity accuracy as well as default location accuracy. I addition, there are multiple recorded and unrecorded bin locations further exacerbating the inventory challenges.

The few attempts I’ve made in this endeavor has only resulted in a handful of SKUs where I would expect to see 150+. I have confirmed by random sampling that there are both SKUs in those locations and positive on hand quantities in P21, which is why I don’t understand why I am getting at most 4 SKUs returned.

Any relevant help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!