Performance issues

We are running into some performance issues within E10. Things are taking a long time to load, some menu items will not open at all and some will open but crash or become unresponsive. Even logging in takes a long time. I ran network diagnostics and both call times are well under the average. Not sure if there’s some other troubleshooting I can do or if there’s a fix out there to look for.

That’s a really general question. Are you guys in Bowling Green?

I would reach out to @gingerhelp who is the best that I know of in Ohio.

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Apologies for the general question as I didn’t really know where to start. I ran the Config Check within the Diagnostic tool and I’m getting 3 failures. One is Application Setup (Fail- please process excessive IntQueOut record- 23080 records found), another one is SQL Setup Check (Fail- Database File Size. Current size is 329984 MB. please reduce the LDF size) and the last one is SQL Query Test (Fail- 6,150 miliseconds taken to finish SQL Query Test). I’m not sure if these errors are causing issues performance wise and if so, I’m not sure how to fix them.

Yes, and no. It looks like you are on prem but is your server in Ohio or Iowa? Do you guys have a DBA or someone who manages the servers?

You can definitely improve the performance to where Epicor is a fast system. It just requires tuning the business as much as the hardware.

Our Epicor server is in Iowa. We have plants in both Iowa and Ohio, but the performance issue happens at both sites. We have a few people who manage the servers as well.

The errors from running ConfigCheck seem to indicate that your SQL Server needs some attention. If you have a database administrator, I would contact them.

Hi Omar,
What version?
A couple of quick notes from your posts. Looks like the log file is too big. That is easy enough to fix.
Your results show a couple of things:

  • IntQueOut is Multicompany. Looks like process hasn’t run and queue is growing
  • Fail DB Size: DB log too big. You can do a couple of things. Don’t want to give direct advice without more details or a review
  • Fail SQL Query test. Slower than Epicor expects. Multiple causes would need to investigate

Curious if your backups are running properly.

If you need to reach out for support, EpiCenter is a full service Epicor Kinetic Partner experienced in all aspects of Epicor.

Good catch @dsawan! @Omar.Bakhsh Check the multicompany logs - If the process has an issue, you’ll see it there. Our Epicor environment has a bug where adding a contact to the parent company customer after the global sync to the child causes the multicompany server direct process to crash. I run a datafix weekly to keep it going.