Performance - OK to host Test, Pilot, Train, and Live on the same server?

We have about 10 Epicor Users and have had reports of poor performance. I was talking to our IT manager and he was telling me he read that we should not have multiple environments running on the same server. We currently have Live, Pilot, Test, and Train all running on the same server(VM). 99% of the time all environments are idle except live. Is this setup wrong?

It depends on the server that you have, but generally I would have one for the Live, and the rest should be on a different app server.

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I’ve had it both ways and performance problems were never related to this.

It’s good to have another server for DevOps purposes (IE easily spin up multiple environments for experimentation) but you should have one Dev or Pilot that uses the same application console and SQL server instance as your live environment.

Two reasons: one, when you upgrade it makes the process much simpler and two, in some cases when we’ve developed advanced customizations they’ve work on the Dev server and not on PROD, and then we’ve have to figure out why on go-live day.


^— YES, what they said.

I’ll chime in and agree - I have one DB server for all the “Production” databases including Test and Pilot. And we have a single appserver for the associated instances, all under the same admin console.

We decided to have one other appserver for Task Agent, EWA, EMA and the synch utility for EDA - just to take the pressure off the appserver the Users connect to.

And then we have a DEV box (DB and appserver together) and this is where we do all our patch/upgrade testing… it’s so nice to have a sandbox…

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