Physical Inventory Outside of EPICOR

We did a physically inventory outside of EPICOR. Is there a way to reset the Last CC Date? We updated in test environment the value, but when we tried to do a cycle count, no parts were selected.

I did Initialize CC.

Have you tried a DMT?

if no parts were selected, there are likely several reasons:

  1. You do not have ABC Codes setup and populated. There is a program called “Calculate ABC Codes” that must be run.

  2. you have no last cc date set. There is a program called “Initialize Last Cycle Count Date” that will randomly set the Last CC Date. Note that this program will NOT work if you have not completed step 1 above.
    **image **

  3. Final potential issue: You have already selected all your items into a cycle already. This CAN happen… and once an item is selected into a cycle, it cannot be selected again into another cycle. A Part may only exist in one open cycle at a time. Often this happens when people “Experiment” with cycle counting, starting multiple cycles but never finishing them, and posting them. If this is the case, You have some cleanup to do, as you will need to go cancel all the old cycles.

Even though it is a DB field, DMT does not have that field as a selection. We have a BPM that will update the record.

Thanks for the reply. We understand the whole process. Issue is that we updated the LAST CC DATE through a BPM, ran Calculate ABC’s, Initialize Last Cycle Count and nothing is showing up. I am using a small warehouse that we count in less than a day.


In my experience, even a real physical inventory done in Epicor does not update the LastCCDate field. Maybe that’s a tangent, but something to keep in mind.

As for resetting the field, I actually just got an update on that on a ticket I have open. It’s “submitted to development.” I have been pressing this pretty hard lately (I have an “Idea” for that as well).

But as of now, it can only be reset with a data fix upon request from support.

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Thank you. I was opening a ticket today for this.

And honk if you agree:

The fix is essentially setting LastCCDate to null. I did that and I am getting parts.

PartWhse table got two fields: LastCCDate which is updated from CycleCount process and CountedDate from Physical Stock.