Picking from non-nettable bin

Hi all,

We hold stock of some demo equipment which we loan to customers from time to time. The way we deal with them is to setup a “demo” warehouse with a “demo” bin which we flag as non-nettable.

However, when we add these to sales orders, and select the demo warehouse as the “from” warehouse, when they are reserved and allocated and sent for picking, the pick request says to pick from the main warehouse not the demo warehouse. And items which don’t have stock in the main warehouse cannot be sent for picking at all.

I understood it was possible to pick from non-nettable bins but this appears to not be the case, unless changing the “From” warehouse on the sales order release isn’t the correct action.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Do non-non-nettable(regular) bins work as expected? If so, make the bins in the demo warehouse regular bins

You might be able to set a GL Control on that warehouse if these need to be separated for accounting. And that warehouse could be excluded when running the SSR.

Why not make a new P/N, adding the suffix “-DEMO”

Hi Calvin,

We think changing it to a nettable bin and changing the GL control on the warehouse should work. Thanks very much for your help.