Platform to Sell that can connects to Epicor

Hy team, do you know if there´s an App that can connect to Epicor to Sell our products via some user-friendly interface?

Epicor Commerce Connect uses Magento 2 a highly customizable open-source platform and integrates with it. Magento is quite popular.

How it does that is, they ping your server frequently and there is a Task that Sync’s certain Epicor tables into Magento. Like Customer, ShipTo Locations etc…

Your Customers can then access a Customer Portal and you can literally have a store-front, themed to your liking, with a shopping cart and the whole 9-yards.

You don’t even have to host it yourself, Epicor offers also hosted solutions of ECC.

I am going to assume since its Magento you can also use any Payment Processing Merchant like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize …

A second option is you create your own Service that sync’s Epicor using the REST API with let’s say Wordpress WooCommerce and do the same thing Epicor does with Magento.

They do not read the data from your database directly, they Sync it let’s say every 30 minutes and then they simply use the Web Application to do the rest. Probably Sync Back if Customer Add’s new Location.

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as @hkeric.wci said, ECC (Epicor Commerce Connect) is a really good product that Epicor has spent much time and effort to build.
ECC does interface to Magento, but it is not “just” Magento with an Epicor nameplate… it is a full bi-directional interface. New Customers & Parts entered in Epicor are pushed to ECC. New Quotes and Orders are automatically (and nearly instantly) pushed back to Epicor. The customer can check the status of their orders as well.
You can customize the user experience in Magento to meet your needs, but you don’t have to re-invent the interface.
To show the power… one customer added a new extra feature that allowed them to query Epicor for the longest leadtime on the order for notification to the customer when the order would ship.

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How does ECC handle custom parts? We are a make to order company, we keep no stock and all our products are configured. I have been interested in ECC before, but there is little information.