PO Approval via Email

Does anyone know a way to approve a PO via email alert. Like maybe a link in the email that says “Approve” “Decline”. Or maybe a link that opens up the approval screen?


A brief response - you can do this, there are a few ways:

  1. REST
  2. Service Connect
  3. Send a sysconfig link (to open record)
  4. A custom Outlook add in
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What would you recommend as the easy route?

REST for ease and portability I think. @josecgomez do you approve?

Here are a few other options:

  1. bezl.io - Prebuilt tools and hosted Angular environment.
  2. flow.microsoft.com / powerapps.microsoft.com - Build workflows from prebuilt connectors and comes free with O365
  3. npm | Sign In - Host your own web server
  4. outsystems.com (a KKR company like Jitterbit so you might see something from Epicor in the future)