PO for Sales Kit

We sell a Sales Kit comprising a Part A component and a Part B component. It’s paint. Both Parts A & B have their own Part Numbers which we carry inventory of. We have to have separate part numbers because both products could have different lot numbers from our supplier. They are both purchased items.

We have to create a PO to our vendor for a quantity of Part A and a quantity of Part B but when we sell it, we sell it as a combined A+B Sales Kit on a parent part number. Our customers only want to give us a single line item with a single price to receive a kit. The selling function works fine but ordering the Parts A & B separately is a pain in the proverbial. We get an error if we try to raise a PO for the parent kit part number on its own.

We would never sell either the Part A or Part B on their own, they’d always be sold as a kit.

My question:

Is there a way we can also use kits when we order the goods from our supplier? At the moment, we have to provide separate lines and prices for both the Part A and Part B. It would be nice to be able to order this in the same way our customer orders it from us.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I cannot think of any way to do this without some form of customization. You are actually asking for a “purchase kit” but you also still want the suggestions to come together.
Thinking out loud here…. it would be possible to create a JOB that has CO-PARTS, and then have Purchase Direct Materials that would generate a PO for those direct materials. not sure if it would be worth the hastle. Whenever you need either part A or B, MRP would generate a JOB to “Make” the part. then you would have to release the job, create the PO, receive the PO lines to the job, then receive the Job to stock under the two part/lots.

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Yes Tim, a Purchase Kit would be an ideal solution. Paints/Surface Coatings are a new line for us (we’ve take over a distributor contract from as previous incumbent) and our customer is expecting Lot Tracking for each of the separate components within the kit. They have traditionally only ordered the kits on a single part number. Our supplier also sells as a single part number kit but ships the loose components separately as Part A and Part B for lot tracking purposes. Our only option right now is to order Parts A & B separately. We’re not doing anything to the items ourselves or changing the product in any way except for storage and then packaging when we dispatch it so no real need to create a job.