PO Suggestion

Dear All,

Anybody have idea about Generate PO Suggestion. I want to trigger Email.

I tried Data Directive > SugPoDtl not working
Method Directive > (Generate Method & GetNewSugPODtl Method ) both method not working can anyone help me

Assuming you want to know when it was run I would use the systask table. See this post where @ckrusen goes over the process.

@Mohamed_Yusuff_S - the post @gpayne linked to implied that it would send an email when it fails. But it won’t (there’s a whole other thread on that).

But it will send when completed successfully. So if it is a scheduled task, and you don’t see that email by the time you expect it, then check the System Monitor’s Active and History tabs.

I use a combination BAQ, DMT, Powershell, Windows Task to produce an email each night of PO Suggestions. The PO Suggestions are saved as an Excel attachment to the email. Is this what you are looking for?

Hi My Intention is to insert contract id value in posugdtl table whenever new po suggestion line added into table.

so i tried Data Directive - POSugDtl (Not Working) & Method Directive - Not Working

I’ve added an In Transaction (Data Directive) in order to add a ProjectID (UD field on SugPODtl). Works fine.

Hi I tried that too both In Transaction &Standard Directive but it is not saving the value in the db while generating po which version u r working My Epicor version is 10.1.600.11

@Mohamed_Yusuff_S Can you give us what you are trying to accomplish? This started with an email on suggestions, then was getting the contract on the PO suggestion and lastly on PO generation.

If you are trying to get the information from the PO Suggestion to the PO, the easiest is using the SugPODtl.CommentText field. If you want it another field it is more complex, but can be done.

hello @gpayne,

During the PO Generation Process, I am trying to insert value of Contract Id into SugPODtl Table, Because for Sub Contract Operation the Contract Id Value is null. So I am trying to insert the value from Erp.JObHead > Contract to SugPODtl during the generation process.

For that what I tried is Data Directive > SugPODtl > Whenever new Row added to the SugPODtl Table > I will get the value of JobNum from TempTable & pull the Contract id from JobHead then save it into Existing Contract Id Field in SugPODtl Table.

My Ultimate Aim is to Save the Contract Id value in SugPODtl Table while Running PO Suggestion

The contract ID should be coming from the demand automatically already. If you don’t have demand for the planning contract, (say it’s coming from somewhere else) and you make a PO tied to that planning contract, that demand will not be satisfied and you will keep getting more suggestions for the warehouse where the demand is coming from. You need to make your demand require that planning contract to make it work.

Also, a subcontract PO will not hold a planning contract, because the purpose of a planning contract is to segregate inventory based on the contract requirement. This won’t work on WIP, and won’t work on subcontract PO’s.