Generate Suggestions (POs)

We were using Generate Suggestions to create POs that had many items on many Jobs. It was working fine but now for past few months has not been…I cannot see why. We have parts that are on multiple Jobs to total a large amount thus would be easier to use Gen Suggs to create the POs than entering the lines/releases individually (which is what we’ve been doing). Does someone have a step by step process for me to review to see what we may be missing at this point. I’ve entered a bunch of parts on Jobs and not one has shown when Gen Suggs is run and try to pull New PO Suggs nor Change PO Suggs. Please help…thank you in advance!

Make sure who ever is looking at the suggestions is an authorized user for the BuyerID on the part (or part class) you need to buy.

and you can check the erp.SugPoDtl to make sure that your system is generating suggestions.

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Are any suggestions visible in Time Phase Inquiry?

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adding a material to a job does not always add it to the schedule… after you manually add a part to a job, you need to also schedule the job, which then applies the schedule to the materials. At that point, the part should show in time phase (if the job is not showing in timephase with a date on it, then PO Suggestions will not work either).


TIm thank you so much. I bet that’s it have to schedule the Job after adding new Material. I will test on next batch of entries.

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