PO Suggestions - Due date

Is there a setting somewhere where we can set or bring material earlier than Mtl Req Date.

Example, MTL REQ date or Due Date is 4/15, but I want to be able to have the system suggest 4/1 (2 weeks earlier)

Leadtime tells us to Order it by. I was looking at KIT TIME and Receive Time, but if you populate those field, does MRP need to run for it to work? I changed a value and created a job and scheduled. The Mtl Date is still the Start Date of my first operation.


Yes, both Kit Time and Receive Time are used by the MRP Process (or Generate PO Suggestions) to mess with dates. You’d want to use the Receive Time value for what you described.

Receive time. Add it to the part record (Part/Site/Detail tab). The value is in days…

That is what I figured, I will setup a quick Test Env and change the value and Run MRP.

Unsure if the days value relates to shop calendar or literal calendar, so test that if your shop calendar is not a 7 day per week type.