PO Suggestions

For Generate Suggestions what does the Cutoff Date actually do? What date is it cutting off? Is it how far out the suggestions will go?

it is based on how far out the REQUIRED date is examined… for example:

  • today is June 1
  • job is scheduled to start on October 1, and materials are required then
  • you run PO Suggestions with cutoff date of September 30
  • the above job’s materials will NOT be seen.

This of course could be problematic if the leadtime of the part is long (longer than the gap between today and the cutoff). Therefore, I suggest that the cutoff should always be at least as big as your longest purchase leadtime. Even then, you may want to go longer for efficiency sake of purchasing.


thank you that answers my question.

one more if you don’t mind.

What about the check box allow historical date? Is this POs in the past and will it create past dates?

Exactly… Historical dates are dates before “Today”… in other words, if today is 6/1, but the material required date is 5/15, it will put a suggestion to create a PO that will be received on 5/15 (which of course, is impossible).
I do NOT believe in historical scheduling. In the world of scheduling, Yesterday no longer exists, and cannot be achieved. If you want realistic schedules, use real “forward from today” dates.
but if you want to fool yourselves, allow historical scheduling, and the system will tell you that you can complete something yesterday, even though you will not receive the material until 3 weeks ago.

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thank you