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I need to setup a pop-up notification in the Customer Shipment Entry screen whenever a few specific parts are on an order with a custom message that must be acknowledged. Specifically I’m using this to notify shipping personnel for Lithium battery shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

I’ve tried going through part maintenance to find a way to flag them but nothing seems to be working.

Have you considered using a UD checkbox in part maintenance to flag said parts? Then you could base the notification off a specific catch all step on Customer Shipment Entry like the Shipped checkbox. Just a suggestion.

I haven’t considered that. Is that a customization or an already built in option? I would have thought through the Integrations section of Part Maintenance that the hazardous option would have something to do with it but I must be wrong.

Looks like you could use that, that would be better than a UD checkbox.

We always have around 4-5 parts that are being discontinued. The idea is to warn the users when they add one of those parts in an SO. We did that with a SalesOrder.ChangePartNumMaster.Post BPM. You could have a custom checkbox in the Part table that is being checked before the BPM shows the warning message.

Agree with @Dragos here on a solution for you Adam.

I would just like to note that in the case of a discontinued item, Epicor has a built-in feature for this. On Part Maintenance, one would check the Run Out box and Epicor will pop up a message. In addition, if you set up an Alternate Part, it will display the replacement as well. A little off topic here but a nice feature for those not aware of it.

I’m adding my BPM to this thread because it solves the exact question raised in the first post. Mine is not using any Part or UD fields - the list of parts with batteries (and CO2 cartridges that also need hazardous shipment processing) is hard coded into the BPM.


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@alintz [In case you weren’t aware of this] in Table Criteria there is another cool trick you can use if you have a long list of parts or long list of anything. Instead of using Operation = there is one called IN which allows you to copy a list from excel directly into it (To paste a list you have to right click the first field and choose Paste Insert). It functions the same as using multiple OR’s for the same Field. Something that Epicor support showed me once. It’s pretty handy at times. See below.


Hopefully someone finds this helpful.

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Ooh. I like that. And I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome.
There should be a thread for typically overlooked handy features in Epicor.

While this would work, every time you add another part that meets this criteria, you’re having to edit a BPM. Not the best solution.

I’d recommend either using the hazardous flag on the Part Master or simply adding your own UD field. In the query then, rather than simply having the ShipDtl table, you’d link to the Part table and the criteria would be whether the Hazardout/UDField is true. That moves the burden to maintain this from the IT department to the person responsible for maintaining the Part Master.

Kevin Simon

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Good idea, Kevin. I had not looked at that group of Hazardous fields (HazItem, HazClass, HazPackInstr, etc) on the Manifest tab before. They do seem like they could effectively be used for this purpose. And I agree, the right thing to do.

I happen to be the responsible person for IT, Epicor customizations, Part Maintenance, and a lot more at my 14 person company. So, moving the burden from the IT dept to Part maintenance is only a philosophical change, not a practical change for me.