Ports used by Epicor?


Does ANYONE have a list of ports used by Epicor for import and export of data, specifically BAQ Export Process? We are being required by our parent company security people to provide port numbers needed to be open between servers and clients when exporting or importing files, and I have NO IDEA where to look for this info. I am NOT a sysadmin, but I still need this info if anyone has it.

Nathan Anderson has a nice document on EpicCare:

Port, Network, Process & Folder Exclusions / Whitelist

While it is talking about Anti-Virus, it should contain the information you need for corporate.

Client and Epicor IIS server(s)

  • 808 (net.tcp)
  • 443 (ssl/https)

Epicor IIS server(s)

  • 80 (default IIS/Report Server/Help)
  • 135 (inbound TCP connection)
  • 9010 (task agent service)
  • 8172 (we check this port during the creation of appservers; aka: webdeploy port)
  • 8098/9098 (Enterprise Search)
  • 1024 through 65535 (DCOM port communications. If you want to limit this then configure DCOM to use a smaller port range).

SQL server(s)

  • 80 (IIS/Default Report Server)
  • 1433 (SQL)
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And if all else fails…maybe Wireshark?