Posted time and expense entry

Is there any way to correct the posted time and expense entry after the COS/WIP process?

Some of the time sheet entries for the non-job (indirect entries) because Plant managers should have submitted tickets to close out old March labour captured on the Missing Clocked Out report. If this has not been done, could we please get these closed out asap?

no, journal entry only, as far as I know. you might be able to do other gymnastics but not recommended.


@josecgomez Completely correct - the COS/WIP posting creates a journal entry and the only correction is another journal entry.

BUT you will also need to use the Job Adjustment board to make the ‘actual’ changes to the jobs, so your production reporting is correct.


Job adjustment for Job related time and expense entry. we have some indirect time and expense entries. Moreover, Journal entries correction hits only the GL module.

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You can do negative time, if that floats your boat.