Posting Rich Content such as Links, Videos, Images and Files

One of the reasons we switched over to this platform is for us to able to share rich content including files, videos, reports, and anything else we may find useful.

As long as the videos or files posted don’t violate Epicor’s copyright, you don’t post files you get from EpicWeb (post a link instead) and the videos are useful and not just blatant plugs for consultants, feel free to share the resources, we can certainly all benefit from it.

Links to other sites are appropriate regardless of who owns the content as long as its open and freely available or is an Epicor specific resource inside EpicWeb. Individual site security regarding proprietary information are managed on those sites and those sites are responsible for their own access policies. Assuming users that are following those links can access it securely, there are no infringements. The only exception we would not condone is posting or sharing your personal access information to allow others to gain access.