Posting Rule Editor in 10.2.300.8 - great job on the Editor EPICOR!

With so many comments about what doesn’t work, I thought I would balance it with a very thankful positive comment about the new Posting rule engine improvements.

I have been doing posting rule changes for the past few years in 9, 10, 10.1 and 10.2.
Imagine my surprise when I was working on eliminating “Periodic Posting Process” by importing in a rule that was done in an earlier version and copying a section of code into a new revision.

First I was prompted that my copied lines had functions that needed to brought in to, (so they were copied)

In the past, you would click on revision and make active only to have it pop up.

Epicor has made a way to prevent this with a new button to verify the code.

After clicking the verify button.

The text is highlighted that needed to get corrected.

Not only that but if you hover the mouse over the error, you are given a prompt of a clue what to fix.

After adding my Post Codes was able to set the revision Active.

@aidacra - here’s something to add to your new features in 10.2.300.8

Thank you - @EpicorDevelopment!