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Wednesday November 14, 8:58 am Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: Epicor Software Corporation
Epicor Announces Enhanced Version of Vantage to Give Midmarket Manufacturers
Greater Visibility Into Vital Business Operations
Epicor's eManufacturing Solution Streamlines Supply Chain Management,
Financial Reporting and eCommerce
IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Epicor Software Corporation (Nasdaq:
EPIC - news), a leading provider of integrated enterprise, eBusiness and
collaborative commerce software exclusively for midmarket companies, today
announced enhancements to Vantage, Epicor's comprehensive, integrated
eManufacturing solution. Aimed at giving midmarket manufacturers more
visibility into their operations, the enhanced Vantage solution features an
Advanced Material Management module that provides tighter control over
inventories and related costs. Enhanced accounting features make analyzing
the bottom line easier, and tighter integration with Epicor's eCommerce
solutions allows for expanded use of the Web for interacting with customers
and suppliers.

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Real Time Inventory Tracking

With its new Advanced Material Management module, Vantage enables real-time
tracking of inventory, increasing visibility across the supply chain. The
enhanced capabilities are ideal for manufacturers requiring complete control
and visibility of products on the shop floor. The module allows
manufacturers to manage electronic requests, dispatches, movement and
location tracking directly from the plant floor screen. In addition, this
module supports inventory moves such as stock-to-stock transactions, WIP
moves, and multi-plant shipments. The sales order allocation feature allows
manufacturers to prioritize customers and allocate inventory accordingly.

Integration Across the Supply Chain

Integration to Vantage StoreFront and Customer ePortal has been enhanced to
make it even easier for midmarket manufacturers to conduct eCommerce.
Vantage StoreFront is a powerful solution that allows customers and business
partners to order goods and services online.

With the new integration enhancements, it is now easier for manufacturers to
provide customers and partners with Web access to account information in
real-time, including order, shipment or payment status. Because the online
ordering process is completely automated, customers and suppliers are able
to receive consistent, up-to-date pricing information and view inventory
availability in real-time.

Better Control Over Costs in the Field

Many manufacturers have service employees that work in the field fixing and
detecting problems with equipment and parts. New features in Vantage allow
for more visibility into actual and billable cost elements, giving managers
more control over cost containment.

Companies like Neon Products Ltd., a premiere manufacturer of illuminated
signage for the Canadian market, have implemented Vantage to streamline and
optimize the manufacturing process. Neon is the largest electrical sign
company in the world with over 800 employees; the company uses Vantage
across its manufacturing facilities in five locations.

``As our company grew, we needed a more comprehensive solution that would
integrate easily with our existing systems and be up and running fast,''
said Ron Newell, Network Administrator for Neon Products. ``With the added
visibility that Vantage provides, we are able to streamline our business
operations and make more effective use of our existing resources. The Field
Service module increases communication between our field workers and our
manufacturing facilities which allows us to provide faster, better service
to our customers.''

Comprehensive Financial Accounting Integration

Vantage now features tighter integration to Active Planner, a financial
planning tool that helps manufacturers simplify the exporting of budget data
into different formats. Integration with FRx, a component of Epicor's
eIntelligence Suite, and the Vantage Financial Report Writer allows
accounting and finance staff to create financial reports that use
sophisticated design techniques and automatically email them to key staff
members. A new interface between Vantage and FRx enables the export of
general ledger information into SQL tables for more advanced reporting.

``Vantage enables midmarket manufacturers to further streamline business
processes, gain better control over quality, productivity and costs, and
work more collaboratively with their customers and suppliers,'' said Rick
Borg, senior vice president and general manager of Epicor eManufacturing
Group. ``By automating processes and increasing visibility from the plant
floor across the entire value chain, we're helping manufacturers move their
operations to the eBusiness mainstream.''

About Epicor Software Corporation

Founded in 1984, Epicor is a leading provider of end-to-end integrated
enterprise, eBusiness and collaborative commerce software solutions
exclusively for midmarket companies. Epicor helps businesses around the
world build eBusiness into their entire organization by integrating their
systems and operations with the Internet to focus their entire enterprise on
their customers. By integrating leading edge eBusiness applications with
advanced front office customer relationship management (CRM) applications
and proven back office enterprise applications, Epicor provides midmarket
companies with the complete solution they need to compete in the new
Internet economy. Epicor is headquartered at 195 Technology Drive, Irvine,
California, 92618, and the main phone is (949) 585-4000. More information
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SOURCE: Epicor Software Corporation