Price and Availability via REST BAQ

I am tasked with creating a BAQ (for a REST call) to show a part’s “price and availability” based on a customer ID (and part number, duh).

My brain knows of:

  1. Return every possible combination of part number (say, 7,500) and customer ID (say 1,000), so 7,500,000 results to then filter on the call. As others have mentioned, also factor in UOM and maybe even price breaks, and yikes.
  2. BAQ parameters

Option 1 - seems awfully inefficient.

Option 2 - how do BAQ parameters work in REST? Can you do that at all?

Both kind of remind me of this discussion, but I have no idea if there’s any correlation between this and that:

Really, this seems similar to this post, but again, I don’t know if those thoughts (for a BPM) have any application to a BAQ:

Thanks for any help. A completely different solution is good, too.

I can’t help you with the task but BAQ parameters do work in Rest.
Create any parameterized BAQ and call it using REST help page.

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Holy mackerel that’s crazy simple!

I feel so silly for not even trying it. I just assumed there was some ridiculous setup involved.

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