Price List Not Pulling

Some of the customers are not pulling the price list while others are. I know some of our customers used to have special pricing with a special price list attached to their customer profile, but those expired. Would those cause this to happen?

Customer Pricing in Epicor can be very complex, I think we would need to see some screenshots of an affected customer’s Price Lists in Customer Tracker.
In Epicor you can assign multiple Price Lists to a Customer in a specific order, which will be evaluated in that order for a valid price list per part/product group, date range, etc. If when the Special Pricing price list was added they removed the normal price list instead of just putting the Special Pricing before the normal price list, then Epicor would evaluate all possible price lists and come up with zero.
Again a screen shot would be helpful I would think.

-Rick Bird

@Rick_Bird So, Epicor evaluates the price list starting with the ones in Customer Maint, then if finds nothing, goes to the overall price list, correct? If so, that answers a lot of questions.

Will, generally speaking yes. Most specific to least specific.
If I recall, it’s something like this:
Customer -> Customer Group -> Product Group -> Part.
This is an over simplification of the way it works, but it’s a starting point for troubleshooting.
Whenever I’ve had Customer Pricing issues I have used the Price List Inquiry Tracker and input the appropriate Customer, Part, Qty, etc, then I can see HOW Epicor is getting to the price.

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That actually helps out a lot. I was thinking that is what Epicor was doing. Thanks!

@Rick_Bird On a slightly different note, I also have some parts that are pulling the wrong price or are not in Epicor. So I reviewed the import list and everything is there in the list, but for some reason, Epicor just kicked it back out. My question is, can these be imported via DMT? We usually import via the Price List, and have never tried via the DMT. After looking at the DMT it looks like it would be in parts, one for groups, the other for parts. Just curious if you have ever done it like this before and how it turned out, problems/issues, etc.

There are many reasons why Epicor might not import a Price List, I would need to see the import list to really be of any help. However, keep in mind that the Import can only import one price list at a time, you have to first create the Price List header and then you would be importing the List details. Even after that you need to associate the Price Lists with the appropriate Customers or Customer Groups. A Price List that is not associated with a Customer or Customer Group won’t do anything.
You can import with DMT, which may provide a better error message, but would be done in multiple DMT loads: Price List, Price List Part | Group, Customer|Group Price List.

Hmm. Interesting info. What my predecessor had done, and I was doing was going to sales management–>Customer Relationship–>setup–>price list and then creating a new price list, lets say 2018DIST and then importing a csv file. The make up of it was in this format.

Price List ID Start Date End Date USD Part Prod Code Base price Qunaities % disc Price UOM

And with this method, some get in, some don’t. I am going to play around the DMT in test and see how that works for us. May be more than one step, but if it gets it all in there, that would be much more desirable.