Customer price lists

We have been using customer part price lists for one of our customers to manage price breaks since we went live - this price list has no expiry date and calculates prices correctly based on order quantity.

We have another customer for whom we are moving to quarterly part pricing and I have been asked to import a part price list for them. They will have a single base unit price with no break prices/discounts - we anticipate loading a new price list each quarter.

In have loaded this is our test database and to an extent it works in that any new orders with an order date that fall in date range of the price list see the part pricing from the price list applied. There are a couple of issues that I am looking for guidance on

i) Does part pricing only apply based on the order date. For example if we had a price list that kicked in 1st February, we may raise a customer order on 25th January, which will not be manufactured or shipped until late in February so has a need by/ship by in late February . The sales order does not use the pricelist.
ii) If as above I create a price list to run from 1st February. Any existing orders with an order date that falls within the period covered by the pricelist do not see their unit price updated.
iii) As above pricelist running from 1st February. If I have an order dated 25th January and I then change the order date to 2nd February, when I update the order date, the unit price does not update.

These are three examples but in principle I am trying to establish if the application of pricelists can be made dynamic and apply to pre-existing items.

With our customer base the need by/due date is the important date rather than order date and when we change prices it typically applies to all open/new items from that date irrespective of when the order was actually placed.

I have checked and we have the Apply Order Based Discounts flag already checked. I can’t see any other config option that would seem to apply.

We are on - we have no maintenance so are stuck on this version so upgrade to 10.0.1 is not an option.

We are on Epicor 9.05.701 so I’m not sure what’s changed for Epicor 10 and customer price lists. We have a customer with quarterly price lists that are to be tied to ship dates. The customer frequently moves the ship date and orders often have move than 100 order lines. Our solution in E9 was to build an updateable dashboard that is used after an order’s ship by date has been changed. A top grid displays open orders. When a user-defined check box is checked and saved, a BPM is triggered that updates the order lines using the price list with a date that falls within the ship by date. Any order lines with partial shipments or the lock prices check box are skipped. In our case any order lines without a price list assigned are skipped as they’re specials. A post processing BPM removes the check from the check box so the order’s prices can be updated again if needed. Hopefully, our solution will give you some ideas for a solution to your situation.


So here is how customer price lists work in Epicor, or I should say what I have seen them work in Epicor, the only time the system looks at customer pricing is when you first enter the sales line and that is based on the date you enter that sales line, not the ship date of the sales line. It will look at to see if the date is “valid” for that price list.

The price list is brought in to the sales order only 1 time and that is at the time you enter the part on the sales line, even if you click refresh later. The Epicor system is very time sensitive in this area, so if you don’t have the price list set up or the date has expired, you can’t go in and change it, click refresh and then have the information re-imported. You have to delete the sales order line and start again.

You could probably write a few BPMs to get the scenarios you want to happen instead.