Printing Issues, application service won't restart

Hey everyone, I was adding a custom field to a table, and to do that I had to regenerate the data model. I reset the application pool, field is there, and worked great, but now I cannot print. Any item I print sits in scheduled tasks. I go to restart the application Service, and it gives me this error:

“Error Restarting Service: Cannot start service EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.400.0 on computer “comp name”. An instance of the service is already running.”

any idea on how to fix this?

If seen it where the server takes longer than the Task Agent tool expects to close, therefore generates this error when trying to start it again. Wait 5 mins, try Restart Service again and it may work.

Failing that, Task Manager on the server and kill TaskAgent.exe. Then you can use Restart Service without issue.


Mark, I killed the task agent, and when I go to system admin, it brings up “The task agent windows service does not appear to be running”

That was the fix, thank you Mark. I killed the .exe on task agent, re ran the task agent installer, and everything appears to be working alright. Thank you!