Printing shipping labels

From Vantage 6.1 in the
Materials Management->Shipping/Receiving->General Operations-
>Customer Shipment Entry.

We have parts needed to be labelled. Crystal Reports 8.5 was used to
form the template for this shipping label.

So when you enter in for example packing slip # 123
several parts would display with different qtys
part 1: qty3
part 2: qty10

when you press print, it will just print 2 labels of those 2 parts
with the qtys.

however this is my plan
if you press print, part 1 will print 3 copies of the same label
with qty 1 printed on the labels afterward print 10 copies of the
other part with qty 1 printed on the labels. thats it

How can I let the printer/CR8.5/Vantage6.1 know of this situation???

Any assistance would be gladly appreciated.