Printing Win 10

Couldn’t find anything mentioned, but we have a couple people who got new machines and I got Vantage 8 on the new Win 10 machines, but some reports when they are tried to be printed or even print previewed, it closes the app completely, no error, nothing like that at all.

Nothing in event logs either.

Worked on other people’s machines with no issues, not sure what is different about this machine from others we did previously with 10.

Is the Vantage client running on the affected machines in Compatibility mode?

yeah, tried XP SP3 and Win 7 compatibility modes.

install the 32bit CR Runtime

here’s a link (copied from an old email, so might not be current)

Here’s the 64 bit version (but you want the bit depth to match the bit depth of Progress, not the OS of the workstation or Server)

install the Crystal Runtime Service Pack
set the V8 client shortcut to run in compatibility mode…

Just one thing in addition to what others have already mentioned

I’ve had issues where a Crystal report has printer specified in the page setup.
i.e. some clients were not able to connect to a network printer
So… I go to Crystal Developer page setup for all custom reports and specify “No Printer…”