Process flow for Pre-paid PO?

What is the process flow for prepaying against a PO?

  1. Create and approve the PO
  2. Enter the suppliers invoice
    2.1 New AP Invoice Group
    2.2.New Invoice
    2.3 New Adv Bill Line
    2.4 Post AP Invoice Group

After 2.3, the AP Edit list shows the acct specified for the “Advanced Payment” context in the “AP Account” type GL Control. The GLC specified in the company settings.

  1. Receipt Entry against the PO.

At this point the the Receipt from #3 comes up as “Received, Not Invoiced”.

Now what needs to be done to so that GL trans are created so that the Receipt offsets the prepayment?

In AR this would be done with a second AR Invoice, and the pre-paid amount would show on the Invoice summary.

But I’ve been unable to enter a 2nd AP invoice that ends up having the prepaid amount show ul as a credit to this new one.

Here is how I have understood this process to work:
After the receipt you:
Create the final AP Invoice and add a New Receipt Line and select the Receipt and the lines will be added.
You will not see the amount in the ‘Less Pre-Payment’ field on the Header tab but on the Lines tab in the ‘Less Adv Pay’ field.

The reason is because Advance Payments are per PO Line where AP Prepayments are applied against the Supplier.

Next step is booking an AP invoice with receipt lines.
Before that in the company configuration enable “Apply Pre Pymt Automatically”
Company Configuration -> Modules -> All Modules -> Localization -> Detail

Wanted to follow up on this process, as I have seen something happen twice now with advanced billing payments in AP and Im not sure why.
We have the “Apply PrePayments Automatically” selected in Company Config, but when we pull in the PO Receipt lines on the second Invoice it only auto-applies to the first PO Receipt line on that Invoice. Epicor doesn’t go to the subsequent receipt lines and apply the reminaing balance of the advanced payment.

Advance Billing is linked to PO Line which is applied automictically when receipt line is added in invoice. Where as Pre-Payment (done through Payment Entry) is linked to PO and it need to be linked in AP Invoice Entry to apply the pre-payment amount.

Arul: this is an advanced billing payment that applies at the POline. The total advanced billing payment was $44,000. When we processed the Invoice with the PO receipts the first PO line is only $40,000 which did apply $40k of the advanced billing. We were expecting the remaining $4000 of the advanced billing balance to apply automatically to PO Receipt line 2… but it did not.

Advance Billing works only for that line whereas Deposit billing works for the whole PO. In your case, when creating an Advance Billing Invoice, you should have created two lines (40K and 4K). To fix this, you need to create an Advance Billing Credit Memo and apply against that invoice which will clear the invoice and from Advance Billing Report. I had developed BPMs for not exceeding PO line amount in AP invoice and not reducing PO line amount less than advance billing amount if it has an Advance Billing invoice. If not handled correctly Advance Billing creates more problem.

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