Processing PO Change (860) through Demand Import

I am at the early stages of implementing the 860 transaction set through Demand Management (Epicor 10.1). I know that the 860 PO Change uses the same APP file format at the 850 Purchase Order, but I’m figuring there has to be something to let Epicor know it’s processing a PO Change, not an original PO. The only field that LOOKS like it may be applicable is the H26 field (PO_Type). For new orders, this is getting mapped as “NE” (for New). But, Epicor’s technical manuals don’t have any details as to the values of this field.

In addition, I don’t see anything at the LINE level for a status. How does it know whether a line is changed or cancelled. Is it as simple as sending a new quantity if it’s a change (or new schedule date), and sending 0 through as the quantity if it’s cancelled?

I’ve gone pretty deep into Epicor’s Inbound Mapping documentation, and not finding the detail I need. I’m hoping someone has done this before and can provide a quick explanation to point me in the right direction.

Kevin Simon.

i was told by Epicor that its really hard to implement 860 changes to an 850. So we decide to just send emails to CS when we receive an 860 instead through Demand entry. Would be interesting to see what you come up with!