Product Family Table

Do anyone know about the Product Family table? It seems to be be linked to Product Group but no DMT or Maintenance screen.

Can you show us where you see that?

Here is in Data Dictionary and we can query against it…

And in Prod Group we can see the FamilyID…

It appears this is not yet in use. In fact there isn’t any field level validation on ProdCode for the ProdFamilyID nor is there an interface or any BOs (that I can find). It does appear to have a table though.

I guess Epicor built it but have not implemented it. Wasn’t sure if the table was there but we didn’t have the module that maybe it went to since there was not a maintenance screen.

You could try writing to the Db.ProdFamily entity. But the ProdGroup field isn’t setup for it either.

Jason Woods

Thanks for the info.

The Product Family field has been around since V9 but it is a free form field. I have used it in the past for consolidating Product Groups that can run on an assembly line or value stream.