Production Out Bin not working, help!


We are currently setting up our In and Out bins for production. We only have 1 operation. We report quantity only and use backflush. We do not work with WIP. Product have 3 different resource groups.
1- Mold
2- Injection machine
3- Labor

We do not have in/out bin specific to any resource, we put the information in 1 resource group (Mold for example)

In resource group Mold, we have:
Backflush Bin : INJ IN

Location and automove are selected

The operation have the scheduling requirement resource group ‘‘Mold’’. The part have labor reporting to ‘‘Mold’’ resource group.

Result: When we report quantity using ‘data collection’, the materials are consummed in the backflush Bin (Yeah !) BUT the part produced doesn’t go in INJ OUT, they go in the first Bin (Alphabetic) of the warehouse or the one we have created first.

None of the parts have a primary Bin (We can produce same part in different warehouse and or Bin)

I did different tests for many hours and now need help…I cannot find what I am missing…
Thank You

The In/Out bins are only used for WIP. They are not for inventory.

Hmmmm… thank you for the quick reply. This is not a good news for me :frowning:

I think what we are doing is pretty common. Trying to put in stock (inventory) a mfg part in a specific bin depending of where we produce…

If it’s not by using out Bin of resource group, what is the best way to achieve it ?

Might sounds like a basic question but I am using Epicor only for few months now and we are still in testing process

You will have to put a default bin on the part warehouse record.

It depends on how you have things set up.

If the operation is set to auto-receive, Epicor has to put that quantity into a warehouse/bin and make some assumptions on where exactly that will be. It will use guidelines you give it. Primary BIN, like @jkane mentioned, etc.

If you want to specify what BIN it goes into when production is finished you would want to disable auto-receive and use Job Receipt to Inventory

Hi @jkane and @hackaphreaka

Yes, it does work with the default Bin thank you, but sometimes we produce the same part in the same warehouse in 2 different area, so 2 different Out Bin. (and trying to avoid to create too many warehouse in our physical warehouse)

I also tried to disable auto-receive. It does put the part as WIP in the right Bin as planned. In our case, we need to move the part produced before the job is finished (same job can run up to 5 days and we empty our production floor everyday) Then like @hackaphreaka mention, we can use Job receipt to inventory, but this is a lot of transaction to perform in 1 day. If I understand correctly, we report quantity using data collection and then after for each job we need to put in inventory using Job receipt to inventory. (So we kinda do the data entry twice…)We have 60+ equipment running at the same time.

Did I understand correctly or there is a easy way to process the job receipt to inventory (Like emptying all the WIP of Bin INJ OUT and put in inventory in 1 transaction?)

If not, I guess I will need to think again about our process and how to make it work efficient using one of the 2 options you explained to me

@CarlEPI Here is a thread on setting the receiving bin in a bpm.

@hackaphreaka , when you say ‘‘It will use guidelines you give it. Primary BIN, like @jkane mentioned, etc.’’

I am interested in you ‘‘etc,’’ What are the guidelines if there is no primary BIN ?
thanks !

Yes it can add up to a lot of transactions but I don’t think you can have it both ways. If you want Epicor to do the receipt for you it is going to make some assumptions and if it assuming wrong is a problem then you have to specify where it is going yourself.

The etc was a bit vague and I do believe the only setting at play here is the Primary BIN for the warehouse. I only say that because you never KNOW, Epicor uses upwards of 8 different criteria to decide what BIN a material is backflushed from, for example. It stands to reason there might be something out there I am not thinking of when it decides what BIN to receive inventory into when a job is completed.

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Hi Greg

Sorry for late reply, but we did follow the link of the topic you sent and it seems to work so far ! I need to perform more testing, but it look very promising. Thank you !

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