Progress (4GL) calls to VB Forms

To the group:

I am a bit excited this morning because I actually figured this out BEFORE
writing the list, and although I emailed two progress experts on it, I
actually figured it out BEFORE hearing back. I thought I would share this
info with anyone who might be curious. I wasn't even sure it could be done
before I started, but a request from our Materials Manager got me on the
hunt for a solution. It may not look like much, but it was a great hurdle
for me.

The goal was to use a VBForm to:
A. Enter a Date labeled "Planned Ship Date" (Date01) on the OrderRel VB
Form. Then,
B. "On OK" (Exit) of the VBForm, change the Orderrel.NeedByDate to be 42
days prior to the Entered Date01.

The result was that in the "On OK" area of the VB Form I called a progress
program (runprog Date.p) which looks like the following:

_Name: Date.p
_Description: This program is designed to back off the OrderRel.Date01date
by 42 days and copy that new date to the
_Created By: Troy Funte

/* include vbp/vb.i so VantageBasic functions are accessible. */

/* Here define your own variables */

/* do the calculation (Date01 - 42 days) */
Date-Val = getDateValue("DATE-FIELD_1") - 42.

/* Set the screen value of OrderRel.NeedbyDate to be the Date-Val variable.

/* end of Date.p routine */

I hope this helps someone get some new ideas.

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics