Promise date on a Sales Order - why not?

I was asked last week if the sales orders had a promise date - you know, separate from the Ship By date (aka OrderRel.ReqDate). And I said, no, not that I see.

Any logic as to why there is not a promise date? The POs have this.

It seems to make sense.

  • Need By = when it should get there (Need minus Ship equals transit time)
  • Promise date = when we said we could send it by, before that ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and ruined our plans (or whatever)
  • Ship By = when we will actually be able to send it out

Ship By (ReqDate) drives MRP, PO suggestions, etc. So that kind of needs to be moved around in order to keep the suggestions accurate, right?

But then we lose the trace of the date we had originally promised the customer.

Am I alone in this thinking? Or does this make enough sense to try to submit an Idea for it?

Some fun reading by @timshuwy

Well, if @timshuwy agrees, then I am usually on mighty solid ground.

OK, so agreed, then, it makes perfect sense and it is ridiculous that it is not part of the system?

Sold. I’ll put in the Idea and update this.

Also I saw in one of those posts that it is an existing enhancement request, but I think it is established fact that Development threw all those in the trash when Ideas came along, right?

Idea 1873

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The way we use the dates is via some calculations
Need By date is the date the customer needs to receive the goods.
ShipBy date is the date we need to have it shipped taking into considerations of DemandDeliveryDays (usual time for a delivery to be made to the customer) of the customer, and depending where it is shipped. as well taking into consideration the production calendar for non-working days.

Whenever a NeedByDate is changed, a calculation is made for the earliest ShipBy date.


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We recently received a request to add “Promise Date” to the Sales Order. Would be nice if Epicor would prioritize this but given how slow they are to fix issues…I am not holding my breath for a “Future Consideration” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thank you for the upvote, though. :slightly_smiling_face: