Purchase Order Report Duplicating Items

Recently we have been having issues with our PO form duplicating order qty per line and then applying misc charges to every line instead of just the head. This only happens on our customized PO form which is a direct copy of the standard SSRS and uses the same data definition with a few extra exclusions.

To replicate the issue I made a copy of the standard SSRS report and a copy of the data definition. I then assigned the copies together and ran a print preview of the form. This had the desired results of not printing duplicates. Then I downloaded the report and began adding the additional fields that we use. A few of the fields we use were missing so I saved my progress and uploaded the changes. After syncing the data set to get my fields pulled back in I again tested the report and saw that the duplication issue was happening again. I believe that it has to do with the sync data set button. This hasn’t been a problem in the past. Is there another way to pull in the desired fields without using that function? Additionally, has anyone else had an issue with this lately?

There’s your problem…


I’m surprised too many folks did not beat me to this one.
Correct, your mileage will vary with the Sync Dataset “feature”, and I use the term “Feature” in the loosest of sense here with this one.
You will find plenty of good info here on the forums about this.
You need to make manual modifications to the Dataset inside the Report.

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@ckrusen and @Michael_Ramsey,

Appreciate you both! Lesson learned, NEVER TRUST SYNC DATASET. Moving forward I do have a question for you two. How do you decipher which table is T1 through however many you have? I had to slowly check each line of the query expression against the items on the exclusion list on the RDD to be sure I was looking in the right place.

I’ve asked that same exact question before.

I used to think that the RDD created a temp table (the ones with the _GUID suffix) for each “table” in the RDD. For example, the OrderAck RDD would make 10 of those, one for each of:


But the RD (for the Epicor supplied Order Ack report) shows:


Granted some of the tables in the RDD might be for sub-reports, but the main report has just 4 tables, with OrderHed doing the heavy lifting. There are 129 fields in the Select clause from 4 temp tables (Orderhed_GUID, OrderDtl_GUID, OrderRel_GUID, and RptLabels_GUID).

You get lucky with this one as the Order Hed, Dtl, and Rel tables are spelled out. Where it gets trick is when fields from another table (like PrcEmail from Customer ) are folded in into being a field in the “OrderHed_GUID” table. The usually appear as Calc_<fieldname>. Sometimes with the table name when it might cause a conflict with another field, like Calc_<tablename><fieldname>.

I just kind of “fell” into it I guess. When I put the Query into Notepad++ and do the thing that makes all the T1’s highlighted, I just do a comparison. I also will put the Base version of a Query into Notepad++ and look for the break point where Base stops and either an added field or Sync Dataset fields start. Which made me think about exactly where I was going to add any fields of my own, in order to make it easier to see and keep track of. If that was what you meant.