Purchase Requisitions

Our Purchase Requisitions are defaulting to the wrong ship-to address. According to Epicor, this address should default from the address in Company Maintenance. I have looked at that, plus Company Configuration and Site Maintenance but none of the addresses match what is defaulting in Purchase Requisitions. I thought maybe users were changing it but when I created a new Req., it defaulted to the wrong address.

There is no custom form but there is a customization. However, I tried it in base mode with the same results.

I also reviewed all of the warehouses but none of them are using the address that is currently defaulting.

Any thoughts?

Did you check for BPMs?

I did. Nothing. Thanks!


Jennifer Predko
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Possible it’s pulling from the address on the user ID of whomever created the req?

Good thought… I looked but the user does not have an address listed. This is so confusing as I cannot find the default address anywhere…