(Purchasing) Lead Time MRP bug or feature for Manufactured Parts?

I stumbled across an old part in our system that was marked as Manufactured, Process MRP, and the Purchasing Lead Time set to 45. The warehouse inventory settings had not been cleared so MRP was creating a job to get inventory above the ROP. We did not have any other demand in the system so the Job suggestion was just for stock.

The interesting thing I found, was that MRP would forward-schedule starting 45 production calendar days in the future. I changed the lead to 90 and ran it again in our Test Environments(10.2.600.9 and 2022.2.10) and confirmed that MRP will forward-schedule starting 90 production calendar days in the future. And then testing again by clearing the Lead Time and running MRP again, the Job was scheduled to start immediately just like other stock-only suggestions.

If firm demand, such as a Sales Order is created, MRP will plan for that due date and ignore the lead time number.

I’m curious if anyone has seen the same functionality and if anyone is utilizing or would utilize this or is this just a bug in MRP? I could not find any MRP documentation that a Manufactured part would use this field in the MRP planning process.

I know in some cases when we get into the busy season, we don’t always want to work on stock-only jobs for certain parts. I’m wondering if we should use this to help push out Job dates for stock-only jobs(so that they are not always due immediately) and pull them in as the schedule requires or when we can fit them in.

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