Purchasing suggestions limited in range?

We run MRP for a two year period (long range planning is critical to us).
After the run, we only get purchasing suggestions for the current year - there are some for next year, but they are very spotty, and where there should be hundreds, there are only a handful.

Do other users out there encounter this same issue? Might it be related to price list entries that only go out to the end of the current year, or should the suggestions be generated anyway?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re running MRP for two years that means you have Orders that have Need By and Due dates going out that far as well. MRP will schedule jobs that meet those parameters. Price lists have nothing to do with MRP.

How are you running MRP? Are you running full regeneration or net change? Are you scheduling the MRP jobs and releasing them or are they staying MRP suggested jobs?

We do. There are hundreds of unfirm jobs scheduled. Just no purchasing suggestions.
Full regeneration on the MRP runs. We do convert our unfirm jobs, but we don’t do it a year ahead of time! LOL

Tried regenerating purchasing suggestions - same results.

There is a cutoff date when you generate suggestions, but if you leave that blank, it should plan out WAY into the future. I haven’t seen it stop making suggestions… but your pricelist idea is something to try out… Experiment with adding a pricelist that doesn’t expire.

I looked into that - although our future price lists (after 2018) are not complete, there are plenty of entries going into the distant future. Not enough to cause what I am seeing.

We run MRP to 12/31/2019. We’re getting good load data, but cannot enable material constraint, and now we have the suggestion issue.

Wanted to get quotes on subcontract work for 2019, supplier wants forecast. Without suggestions, we have to whip up something outside the system.

Our MRP implementation is severely challenged by features of V8 that just do not work as advertised. Tim - is there any way you can shed some light on either of these items?

We run ‘Generate PO Suggestions’ un-ended after our MRP run and the suggestions generated are in line with MRP. What date do you run on your PO suggestions?

Here is what I have uncovered.

When the PO suggestions are run as part of the MRP processing, they are fine. They go out to the date of the MRP cutoff.

When they are generated through “Generate PO Suggestions”, they do not do that. They seem to end at an arbitrary cutoff. Clearly, I don’t want to lose my valid suggestions, so I have to test this right before our weekly MRP runs. So, it might take me a little while to prove out my theory.

I have to do more testing to validate this, but that is what I have found out so far.