Question: Insert a dynamic Date/Time in BAQ Export filename?

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We have a need to create a BAQ export file in the following format: GLAccount_Epicor_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSSttt.csv, with date and time of the export. I seem to remember there is a way to insert the date and possibly time into the filename dynamically, but not positive about it. Has anyone done this before, and if so what is the format of the filename? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Some have used a PowerShell script to call the BAQSVC, so you have full control of the input and output parameters (including the filename). You should be able to search for an example here.

Mark, have a followup question: How do you change the separator character in DMT Export from the commend line? Any idea?

Personally, I don’t use DMT to do Exports. I called the REST BAQSvc endpoint and then use standard PowerShell to control the filename, delimeter, etc. The DMT /? shows a delimeter flag you can try but I’m not sure if it’s only for imports.