Dashboard to excel

Can you program a Dashboard or BAQ to run nightly and then export to Excel and save to a network location?

You can schedule the BAQ Export process

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‘BAQ Export Process’ allows you to schedule a BAQ to be exported to XML/CSV.

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Where is this located?

Menu Path: System Management > Business Activity Queries > BAQ Export Process

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Note that you cannot make the filename dynamic. It will overwrite the file from the day before.

An alternate method is to make a BAQ report, with a breakrouting style to email the report. That way you can name the file (appears as an attachment to the email) with the date. Then schedule it to run.

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Not sure they want it emailed to them. I think they really need it saved to a network share.

I setup a rule in Outlook to file that email away. You might be able to make an Outlook rule to save the attachment.

If you use the BAQ Export process, you might be able to make a BPM to tweak the filename.

There is a Server File Download unitliy in E10 I may test this to see if it works. This will move the BAQ export to a network share.

if you your final user will view the file from within your internal domain and your epicor version not supporting REST, then why not using the SQL statement (string) of your BAQ and call the DB instance straight away from your Excel/Power BI file

I have Excel files made on schedule with Windows Task Scheduler and Powershell script to run a BAQ with DMT. I have complete control of naming the file with a unique date.
You can also run Rest calls with Powershell, too.
Point is that Task Scheduler gives you flexibility like “Run the first of the month” or “Every Monday”.
my 2 cents…

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