Questionable Music Choices

The WCI crew just discovered this gem Tuesday and we haven’t stopped listening since LOL. I’ve never felt so productive than while listening to Bardcore

@EarlGrei @hkeric.wci


Verily, it is so! Mine ears have indeed partaken in the act of attentive listening whilst upon my journey hence, just as thou hast done during thine own passage.

To hum, perchance to sing along with headphones in the marketplace of desks and chairs!

Dulce et decorum est, collegae vexus

These guys are better than most wrappers nowadays.

Milord @EarlGrei, I doth concur! The minstrelsy doth prove splendid for the protracted sojourns homeward from toil. ‘Tis a potent safeguard, staying mine own hand from veering fellow wayfarers’ carriages astray upon the thoroughfare.

Leave ChatGPT alone @jgiese.wci , @EarlGrei ! It doesn’t need to be subjected to your ridiculous requests!

Ok, I can’t stop listening. LOL.

FIE! Verily, I did partake of the aid of the oracle of GPT. It doth not follow, however, that mine own mind be not capable of such on mine own. @Banderson take thyself off thine high horse! Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!

Oh I wish I had thought to share earlier. I have some favorites I’ll share.

I made these as our hold music in the phone system at work a few months ago:

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I should have known lol

Oooooh you can push play on all at the same time!

jim carrey GIF by Salon des Entrepreneurs

Well don’t ruin it!!! If it ain’t Baroque don’t fix it!

A few years ago Pandora led me into dance music, which is great because lyrics can be distracting… but I wouldn’t have picked it myself, just never occurred to me. It eventually stabilized into LoFi stuff… but this, this could work too.
(Gangsta Paradise… all I can hear is the Wierd Al parody…)

Same… same…

Have fun:

Cool Playlist

I’ll just leave this here:

Wait, that wasn’t the original?

OK, thanks to this, I have found “she blinded me with science” in bardcore to be the ultimate coding music. On loop.

Link? I can’t find it. :cry: