Quick Search doesn't display results

Hi, everyone!

I am trying to use a quick search in Transfer Order Work Bench but when I select one of the registers, it doesn’t display results in the New Suggestions tab.

The base search has the following fields:

When I selected, for example the first line, the register is shown in the New Suggestions Tab:


This is the Quick Search I created:


In the Tranfer Order Work Bench program, I can select my quick search:


As you can see, I am selecting the same register I selected in the base search

But when I click OK, the register is not shown in the tab:

Does anyone have an idea what I am missing?

Thank you.

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It’s probably due to the fact that a TFOrdSug record needs both the Ordernumber and the Line number returned.


or maybe not. I don’t have Adv Material Mngmnt, so I can’t test it. But the Data Dict indicates that the primary key of the TFOrdSuggI table is Company,TFLineNum

Does Your BAQ have a column for the Company too? (Not sure if it’s needed, but wouldn’t hurt)

Hmmm … when I do a trace the returned value from the selected record in the search is the TF Ordernum, not a line number (even though the var name is tfLineNum


That might be the actual suggestion number. I was thinking it was the line num for a TO.

Either way, it includes the site’s prefix

Hi, Calvin

Thank you for you time. I am not sure what can I do because the register is a new suggestion, it doesn’t have OrderLine and OrderNum yet.

My BAQ is working with the TFOrdDtl table. I was guided by the Field Help.


I didn’t use the TFOrdSugg because this table contains the Changed Suggestions.

Your BAQ needs to use the TFOrdSugg table and use the TFLineNum

The following is a BAQ of my TFOrdSug table. When I retrieved the record for the TO for partnum CB-0007, the trace showed that GU000949 was the value returned from search.


If my BAQ uses the TFOrdSug table, my quick search will only display Changed Suggestions. I need a quick search that displays new suggestions, that is the reason that my BAQ uses the TFOrdDtl table.

Did you ever get a working solution. For us, we find it silly that the Site on the default search is looking at the site to ship from, rather than to. It would make more sense for the people who need the part to maintain their TO suggestions, rather than the people who are shipping them. That would follow our “non-production” TO work flows, also. I had sought out to create a quick search only to end up in the same boat you were in.

Hi, Dan:
The solution was to update to Kinetic 2021.2.12. The new version of the window displays From Site and To Site fields.

Haha. It seems many of our shortcomings will be solved by upgrading. We’re headed that way…

Thanks for the response.