QuickShip Pilot


The QuickShip cloud edition for Pilot was upgraded on 09/12/2023.

Following the upgrade I am unable to generate any tracking numbers and get the dreaded

Inner Exception Message: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

when i try to freight the shipment.

Previously this was generating a tracking number, but no it just errors.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue?



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I don’t know cloud, I instantly was typing out how you should go to the server and check the logs etc.

I can see the logs in QS cloud portal, but the level of logging is not detailed enough to capture this specific error.

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Can you open a ticket?

Yes I did - the FreightService URL has changed with this upgrade.

Once I updated the workstation record, it is all back working.

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Great! Were their logs that they pointed you to in order to help find that the URL was the root cause or was it troubleshooting that found it?

No - support responded to my ticket.

I had a look at the email I got from Epicor announcing the upgrade, and it didn’t mention the change.

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Bumping an older thread,

I just ran across this too, actually looking at Pilot QuickShip to train Employees in backup roll. Another link that was overwritten was the Web Access URL in Company Maint. I have not validated this but that would indicate that if in Pilot Epicor and you opened in Web Browser, it would point you to Production URL ??