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Might be one for the great @jkane… but am looking to anyone and everyone.

Little background. We coat materials with adhesive and wind them up into long rolls (6000+ linear feet long) and they are about 50-65 inches wide.

We then get orders to convert those coated rolls into smaller rolls, both in length and width.

There is scrap in the coating process and there is scrap in the converting process.

For a completely custom product we will add the first coating process as a subassembly in the quote and link it to a converting operation where we add packaging materials into the job.

Here’s where we are trying to get a little more granular, but historically have lumped things into different spots to get the cost to come out.

When we have scrap in the converting process, we have added that into the material scrap % at the coating level (the subassembly) and the operation qty/per or operation scrap at the coating op.

However, we are starting to wonder if there’s a better way to do this and put the scrap where it’s actually occurring… in the converting operation.

Is there no way to add scrap onto a subassembly?

If not, can I just make a part on the fly material and make it a “make direct” part on the BOM and then specify the details of that part somewhere else so MRP can pull it?

The point being to make scrap a little easier to identify for end users (sales and engineering) so they can clearly see that we are losing (these are examples) 2% in coating and 3% in converting? Instead of seeing 5.5% in coating on the coating materials?

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Do you use Methods or are the Jobs being created with the details from the Quote?

This would be only custom quoting products where we pull details from the quote into the job.

For everything else we make parts for all the subassemblies and stock them for the most part because we usually inventory two/three-step products in one of the steps.

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Does not look like you can on the quote, which is weird because you can on a MOM and a Job.

Only thing I can think of is to use an Analysis Code that you can trigger a BPM off of to set the scrap % when the Job is created. :man_shrugging:

we might not be on the same page…

I wanted to use this and fill in scrap here but specify the method of this somewhere else- not as a subassembly… does that make sense?

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Nope, definitely not. :laughing:

You do know that scrap here just affects the labor time? (I think it was the great @Banderson where I learned that, shout out!)

So where are you trying to apply the scrap?

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John, I’m on the material screen not the op screen, but yes, op scrap only affects labor and burden.

see highlighted field.

That’s where I want to keep the scrap for the coated part.

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I’m still missing something. If you put a value there, does it not work?

That works fine man… I’m saying though when they go to make a job for this quote line… where do the details for that “make to job/make direct” material come from given it’s a part on the fly?

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Now we are on the same page!!

Does not exist. You can’t control that on quotes. It is only available on MOMs



Quote entry has scrap. Is that what you are talking about? If you do make direct with part on the fly, and it’s linked to a quote, OOTB it gets the mom from the quote.


Thanks man.

I guess I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place then.

I could add those as a first line on a quote then and put those in at job creation time

yeah, what do you mean “it” when you say “it gets the mom from the quote?”

I have that filled out, but that’s what I’m trying to define, the method for that part on the fly.

And yes, I know the scrap box is there. I want to use that box on the material AND I want to specify the details of that material (without making it a subassembly).

Yeah, “get details” will pull the MOM from the quote.

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Yeah, but what about the details for the make direct part on the fly? Where does it get those from since you can’t specify them in the quote?

I guess I don’t know. If it were me, I would just make that a subassembly instead of a material, and define it all on the quote as well as keep it in the same job.

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thank you, please reference original question in post (I know you got mentioned deep in the thread), but we are doing that today and I detailed the issue with that above.