Quote Tasks

When ad-hoc adding an additional Task to a Quote workflow, does E10 always nest that added task under the current open task? Even though we put the Task Seq at 30 it nested the added task under current open Task#10 instead of after Task#20.

tasks in quotes are different than tasks in Engineering Workbench. Typically there is only one active milestone task, and I believe (still working on all the features) if you add a task, you are adding it to the milestone. The task set is simply a list of possible tasks, and when you complete a milestone task, you can choose the next milestone task, which allows you to circle upon itself if needed… example, when looking back on the tasks assigned to a quote, you can have tasks: 1. enter quote, 2. engineer quote, 3. Cost quote, 4. submit to customer, 5. send back to engineering, 2. Engineer quote (again), 3. Cost quote (again), etc…

Ok thanks. Once I changed the tree titles on the Task tree it really made it stand out to the customer as well. So the primary tasks that are entered on the workflow are all considered “Milestones” even if you do not have it marked as a Milestone. It really is a “task” called a milestone because of its position (Seq) in the hierarchy. Any ad-hoc task we add to that workflow adds them as children tasks of the currently open “Milestone”/Task. It seems very similar to the way Related Tasks can be used in the ECO workflows.

Our company would like to use tasks for our quoting process but it is not something we have ever used. What would be the best source of information on setting up this feature?

I can help you with that. You can message me directly at Jason@vetteks.org

The items you identified for the CRM Workflow are correct. Further info would be IF the CRM team will be using Epicor Information Worker for Outlook integrated Tasks notifications, then ensure that one of the Task Types is set as “Appointment”.

In the Company Config/ CRM section the settings there are related to the Defaults for that company. So think of it as, what do you want a new record to default to when first created.

I’m glad I got something correct. We do want to use alerts. I’ve been playing with Tasks all day and can’t update or complete any task I created.

So in order to complete a task, you either need to be the person in the “Assigned To” field (Epicor Workforce/SalesRep table) OR you need to be an authorized user of the person in the Assigned To field. Its probably either not you, or it is blank