R & O (Repair & Overhaul)

Wanting to know if anyone is aware of a R&O offering for Epicor. It is one area that does not work well within Epicor out of box. We have seen Cre8tive’s solution and wanted to see what other options are out there. Thank you!

HI @ltrent
Have you looked at Mattec before? It integrates well into Epicor.
Quote from the product below:

Maintenance Management
" Epicor MES helps you take a proactive, deliberate approach to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Control activities for machine, tools, and auxiliary equipment based on actual runtime, number of cycles or time, so that you can eliminate guesswork and conflicts from your maintenance program.

·Enable a preventative maintenance program
·Improve equipment reliability and boost longevity
·Avoid production/maintenance scheduling conflicts
·Prevent costly machine repairs and unplanned downtime
·Conduct maintenance activities with precision"


Thanks Joe! What I am looking for is a little different. The company I work for does repairs on Aerospace parts. A good analogy is taking you car to the mechanics and having them diagnose your issues and based upon the diagnosis, will define what repairs and parts are needed for your car.

Hi Lisa,

I am curious what does not work in Epicor for your workflow. We use Epicor and do repairs on serialized parts (pumps) where we can track all work ever done on the part as well as original sales order/specification. We use RMAs for bringing the pumps back in for repairs/upgrades and call it a Repair and Upgrade sales order line (not original part number).


Thanks Nancy, I believe we are going to utilize RMA’s to track our returns, our biggest obstacle is figuring out how to tell the operator which repairs (ops) apply for the job since it is defined after the beakdown/clean/repair.

Thank you!