RDD - OrderHed To Customer

So I am in the JobTrav RDD and made a copy to modify. I am trying to get the customer name into the RDD. I added the “Customer” table and tried to link from OrderHed to Customer. For some strange reason, “CustNum” isn’t pulling into the relationship even though it’s not excluded. Any ideas?

save your changes to the RDD
close the RDD window
relaunch it
reopen this RDD.

Do you see it now in the relationship fields?

Tried that and no luck. I cleared my client cache and log out of Epicor and back in. I don’t see it at all. I tried doing a BAQ and was able to join OrderHed to Customer with no issue. Just not showing up in RDD to doing the join for my JobTrav SSRS report to work.

Which version of Epicor ERP are you on? I can test it internally.

I am on version

I created a RDD from scratch by just adding the OrderHed and Customer and it’s there. So probably something going on with the RDD “JobTrav”?

Probably I didn’t know this but looks like both fields needs to be included in both tables. So when I was joining OrderHed to Customer, both field “CustNum” needs to be enabled.

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