RE: Ship To Limit


I use the ShipTo, ShipHead, ShipDtl, OrderHed, and OrderDtl tables in my
query but I also check the order's line price when I process my query (so
you probably won't need the OrderHed or OrderDtl tables). The ShipTo table
uses the Compnay, CustNum, and ShipToNum from the ShipHead to identify the
correct address information. The ShipDtl table references the same ShipHead
record by Company and PackNum.

Let me know if you need more detail,

Dale Puls
Pacesetter Electronics

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What are you linking to (table(s)), and how? I have tried to do this here,
without much luck. I get time-out errors. When it would successfully
connect, I wouldn't always have the correct information.

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

> You might take a look at UPS's Worldship. I use an ODBC link to get the
> information from Vantage. This way we only keep one copy of all addresses
> Vantage. There is never a case where the information is incorrect because
> there are multiple copies.
> Dale Puls
> Pacesetter Electronics