Receipt entry label, then auto print

epicor version 9.05.701

Project: Material Management / Shipping/Receiving / General Ops / Receipt Entry…when a new receipt entry transaction is saved a label is automatically printed.

First thoughts: this can probably be done via a BPM or a BAM…(BPM would be preferred as a BAM is discontinued in E10).

The really tricky bit: at the moment, this is done manually and the user makes a lot of changes to the printer parameters to get the labelled displayed correctly ready to print…how would you write all of this into a bpm/bam?..from choosing the right printer, to choosing the right size stock, to gap heights etc etc.

Feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


Do you have Bartender?

We do but I’ve been told it hasn’t been working the last 2/3 months!

Not sure if you have the access to look into it, but I think it’s pretty easy to setup. The only thing that might be difficult is the trigger, but if you see an example its very simple to copy.

Basically, using bartender to design your labels.
Create your text file via BPM to pass which printer, what label, what headers and row details.
Within this text file I control which printer (which preloaded zebra) based on UD fields or computer location.

%BTW% /AF="\EPICAPPSERVER01\reports\customreports\Label.btw" //D="" /PRN="\COMPUTER23\SouthDock_ZM400" //DBTEXTHEADER=3 //R=3 //P


row details:
“220035898”, “ZI Inc.”, “Trapezoid screw for screw jack with rotating spindle”, “11547”, “1/16/2019”, “”, “3”, “1”, “1”

If you are using one printer with multiple stock then this becomes a question of which label(bartender design) to use instead of what printer to use.

If this is an option I can show you how I structured the bpm.

This looks great.
I will come back to you tomorrow.
Yes, I can get full access.

At this end we just need to identify why bartender has stopped and then this project can get the green light
I’m fairly certain we also have zebra printers*

*apologies, they are TSC label printers.

Is the printer a label printer or desktop with labels loaded?

And do the label blanks vary (size, material, etc…)? And do you need to specify the qty of labels?

It is a TSC label printer.
The blank labels are all the same size on a huge roll. However at the moment there is quite a bit of legwork to be done to get it correct in the print parameters each time the user prints…hence why were looking to try and automate as much as possible.
I have a document to illustrate this which i will attach later today.

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Receipt Entry.docx (1.1 MB)

I just threw up a little.

Any luck with bartender? Usually the issue that happens with that is the trigger disappears and you have to put it back in.

I glossed over the part about it being E9 and using Crystal.

One thing I’ve done in the past is to setup multiple instances of the same printer on the workstation. I might have printers: “ENG-HP600” , “ENG-HP600-Land” , “ENG-HP600-B-Land” , etc…

They all point to the same printer, but each has it’s default settings (paper size, orientation, color/B&W, etc…)

For example, I have two “printers” setup for the one Xerox D110 printer we have.
The first defaults to letter size, portrait, single sided, no staples or holes.
The second is letter size, portrait, double sided, no staples, 3 holes.


Then When I print from a program, I just select the printer and don’t have to change the settings.

One down side to this is that some printer installation programs do you the “favor” of only allowing one “printer” for each physical printer.

apologies to both respondents on this ticket - i just haven’t got around to testing as yet.

Sorry, here is my trace.
uploadtrace.txt (6.1 KB)

sorry, wrong post.